Happy Holidays!

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Alright, folks, this is the last few days before many of us get a chance to spend time with our families, eat many treats and home cooked feasts. Some of you may be scrambling to figure out a few last minute gifts to bring to your family gatherings. Tara Davis has got your back, with some sweet gift ideas. Tara Davis Studio Boutique and any of the shops in the Exchange District are going to be a lot less insane than the more commercial stores one can head to.

For a wonderful consumable gift idea new to the shop, check out these delicious chocolate truffles made by Chocohappy in Whistler B.C.! Mmmm…chewy caramels dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. These treats are made in Canada with imported Belgian chocolate. Irresistible!!!

Back this season in the shop are the recycled sweater mittens, by Woolen For Ewe. Be sure to stop in and pick out a pair before they are all gone. If you are like me you will lose at least one pair of mittens this winter. Mittens are always a useful and appreciated gift idea!

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Another fantastic gift idea is made by Winnipeg artist Elaine Dilay. Elaine is an painter who paints large canvases and has been using resin in her work lately. Through her process she became inspired to make a collection of cheese boards and serving trays. Using a glossy resin applied to the wood, she is creating abstractly textured homewares. Tara has a collection at the shop and is pretty excited about this boldly coloured work.

Heading into a new year is often a time of stressful busy making for people. While the new year brings with it a spirit of reflection and a will to commit to new regimens, I hope that we all can find time to make this season what we most authentically need it to be. My holiday traditions changed dramatically over a decade ago after experiencing the loss of my mother who was the one who made Christmas happen. It took a few years for me to be able to “do” Christmas again. When I thought about what traditions were most important to me, I realized a big part was the big British style dinner that she made, with at least seven vegetable dishes, and two types of stuffing. I began to very much look forward to cooking for some of my closest friends each year, and have some wonderful new memories from these dinners. This year in my new home of Edmonton, my husband and I have invited a group of his historian colleagues for dinner who all have come to Canada to work on their PhD's from countries around the world. Most of these new friends either do not have Christmas in their respective cultures or if they do, for them it happens in January. My holiday time may not look conventional, but I am so thankful for the ever inspiring life I lead regardless of expectations.

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I thought I might share a bit of my story for those who may be experiencing changes in their life and for whom this time of year has some challenges. May we all live sincerely and authentically through all seasons and belong to the communities we are living amongst.


Written by Kelly Ruth

Displaced Pegger, now learning to navigate inclines in her new home of Edmonton, AB